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Making Outdoor Play Fun And Safe For Children With Visual Impairments

Helpful hints for families, caregivers, and teachers.


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Picture Dominoes, Set of 10 dominoes, cards, manual F0204-A: Picture Dominoes, Set of 10 dominoes, cards, manual
A versatile therapy aid for children and adults
Adventures In Leisure I0103: Adventures In Leisure
Promote leisure planning skills with this enjoyable and educational therapeutic game
Discharge Survival   Board Game I0105: Discharge Survival Board Game
Provides an opportunity to actively prepare for re-entry into society
Health and Stress Management  For Successful Aging I0106: Health and Stress Management For Successful Aging
A game that teaches how to cope with stress
Reminiscence Bingo I0107: Reminiscence Bingo
Improve social interaction, orientation, and concentration in adults
Oops, Holey Socks! I0108: Oops, Holey Socks!
Teach good grooming!
Budget Town I0109: Budget Town
Managing money can be fun!
Budget City I0110: Budget City
Learn challenging money skills!
Whatever Next I0111: Whatever Next
A game where everyone can start acting, singing, jumping and laughing together.

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One fun game to play with a PhysioBall

Try lying kids on a physiotherapy ball on their tummies. Encourage them to reach up, perhaps to remove magnets from the refrigerator door. Neck, back, stomach, and arm muscles are all strengthened. This is a great exercise for children with low muscle tone!


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