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Auditory Processing Tips

Games to help kids develop good auditory processing skills.


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Skwish Classic A0101: Skwish Classic
Finally, a toy that has no wrong-side-up!
Baby Buzzer A0130: Baby Buzzer
Musical vibrating baby soother
Whoozit Pull Musical Toy A0214: Whoozit Pull Musical Toy
Stimulate sight touch and hearing!
Sound Puzzle Box B0401: Sound Puzzle Box
Squeeeaak! Kids love this classic shape sorter.
Sensory Discrimination Kit E0117: Sensory Discrimination Kit
Tactile sensations!
Wiggly Giggly Ball E0201: Wiggly Giggly Ball
Giggles at the slightest movement!
Water Symphony E0202: Water Symphony
Sensory stimulation in the bathtub!
Razzle Dazzle Bead Chain - Standard E0402: Razzle Dazzle Bead Chain - Standard
FREE IEP manual with suggested activities.
Musical Light Box - Universal E0406: Musical Light Box - Universal
Light Box Enhances Visually Impaired Children's View of the World
Multisensory Foot Path - Set of 6 E0411: Multisensory Foot Path - Set of 6
Each step is rewarded with a sensory experience!

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Occupational Therapy: The Fist Brush

The Fist Brush is one of those good inexpensive adaptations that makes play much more rewarding. It is a must-have basic for children with mild to fairly serious fine motor involvement who primarily use a whole hand grasp. Try matching the brush handle colours to the colours of paint being used to practice colour matching. The right tools make creative play available to all kids.


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