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"You Don't Have Words to Describe What I Experience" - What Does Autism Feel Like?

The sensory experience of individuals with autism based on first hand accounts. From the Geneva Centre.


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Skwish Classic A0101: Skwish Classic
Finally, a toy that has no wrong-side-up!
"Sea- Through" Pat Mat A0124: "Sea- Through" Pat Mat
Brightly coloured plastic shapes bob and move at the slightest touch.
Somatosensory Bead Chain A0129: Somatosensory Bead Chain
Impossible to resist!
Baby Buzzer A0130: Baby Buzzer
Musical vibrating baby soother
Lights & Vibration Sensory Tube E0103-A: Lights & Vibration Sensory Tube
Super sensory tube!
Vibrating Sensory Tube E0103-B: Vibrating Sensory Tube
Good vibes!
Sensory Discrimination Kit E0117: Sensory Discrimination Kit
Tactile sensations!
Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit E0401: Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit
Portable sensory rehab program
Razzle Dazzle Bead Chain - Standard E0402: Razzle Dazzle Bead Chain - Standard
FREE IEP manual with suggested activities.
Musical Light Box - Universal E0406: Musical Light Box - Universal
Light Box Enhances Visually Impaired Children's View of the World

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Encouraging Kicking

Hang a Nobbly Wobbly from a ribbon over a child's legs. Encourage the child to reach out with their feet to make the Nobbly Wobbly swing.


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