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The Ballad Of Special Eddie

A classic of "Special" humour. Read it and weep... and laugh.


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Fist Brushes D0301: Fist Brushes
Getting a good grip
Chubbi Stump Crayons D0302: Chubbi Stump Crayons
No more broken crayons!
Long Strong Crayons D0303: Long Strong Crayons
Sized to fit a bigger grasp
Art Start Gift Pack D0305: Art Start Gift Pack
Our best art buy!
Neon Wikki Stix D0307: Neon Wikki Stix
Twistable, bendable and stickable!
Primary Wikki Stix D0308: Primary Wikki Stix
Self sticking - no glue!
Magnetic Art Game D0309: Magnetic Art Game
Create your own tactile pictures!
Gelly Paint N Swirl M1019: Gelly Paint N Swirl
Spark the artistic imagination!

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What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game

Kinesthetic awareness is an important part of healthy sensory integration. Challenge your child to use the sense of touch only and identify different objects with the What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game. Try dividing the objects by theme. Good examples are: objects from nature, dishes and cutlery, or grooming aids. To make the game easier, try offering fewer choices and supply a picture of the objects under the cover. Can your child tell the toothbrush from the hairbrush?


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