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Tackling Transition Times

Tips for inclusive transition strategies in preschool.


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Mini Bubble Blower M1014: Mini Bubble Blower
Everyone loves bubbles!
Tubular Vibrator - Unadapted M1901: Tubular Vibrator - Unadapted
Enjoy vibrotactile stimulation
Vibrating Pillow - Unadapted M1902: Vibrating Pillow - Unadapted
Ahhh! What a wonderful feeling!
Lady Bug - Unadapted M1910: Lady Bug - Unadapted
Charming lady bug is eye-catching!
Mr. Potato Head Massager - Unadapted M1911: Mr. Potato Head Massager - Unadapted
Everybody loves Mr. Potato Head!
Davey Duck - Unadapted M1922: Davey Duck - Unadapted
Cute yellow baby duck
Donkey Pal - Unadapted M1923: Donkey Pal - Unadapted
His hee-haw gets smiles!
Grizwald Bear - Unadapted M1924: Grizwald Bear - Unadapted
Mr. Bacon - Unadapted M1926: Mr. Bacon - Unadapted

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Children with Special Needs and Good Eating Habits

Teaching children with special needs good eating and drinking skills is important to do from the start - a bad habit can be very hard to break! To teach putting the cup back at the correct place on the table just put the Cup Detector where you want the cup to go and watch children eagerly put their cup there to get the reward of lights and music. This can easily be taken to school or daycare to help teach the skill across many settings.


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