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Welcome To Holland

The classic article by Emily Perl Kingsley about becoming the parent of a child with a disability. Read it. You'll be glad you did.


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Claude and Maude - PC Q0143: Claude and Maude - PC
Learning handwriting has never been more fun.
All About Ourselves - PC-Mac-Networkable Q0147-A: All About Ourselves - PC-Mac-Networkable
Perfect for school or home!
Sound Stories - PC-Mac Q0148: Sound Stories - PC-Mac
Help for the beginning reader!
Big Bundle CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0701: Big Bundle CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Life skills, math, spelling, language, basic concepts and money skills software on one CD!
Success Stories at Work CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0702: Success Stories at Work CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Video-based CD-ROM provides realistic role models for transition students!
Keeping House CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0703: Keeping House CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Multi-user talking program features 63 housekeeping activities!
Looking Good CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0704: Looking Good CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Multi-user talking program features 63 personal care activities!
Shopping Smart CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0705: Shopping Smart CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Learn step-by-step shopping technique and create picture based shopping lists!
Plan Your Day CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0706: Plan Your Day CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Perfect for people who have trouble remembering what to do next!
Select-A- Meal CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0707: Select-A- Meal CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Learn food vocabulary and prepare for restaurant outings.

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Occupational Therapy: Peekaboo Farm House Small Knob Puzzle

This sized puzzle is best for children with mild cognitive and/or fine motor skill delays. Small knobs make removing, manipulating, and placing puzzle pieces much easier to manage. These small knobs require an early two finger pincer grasp to use. It's a good idea to work on taking puzzle pieces out before attempting to place them. The "peek-a-boo" pictures make it more fun to remove pieces. Try guessing what will be found behind the different doors.


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