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Let's Learn To Think Like A Computer!

Helping cognitively young children learn to use computers.


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Claude and Maude - PC Q0143: Claude and Maude - PC
Learning handwriting has never been more fun.
All About Ourselves - PC-Mac-Networkable Q0147-A: All About Ourselves - PC-Mac-Networkable
Perfect for school or home!
Sound Stories - PC-Mac Q0148: Sound Stories - PC-Mac
Help for the beginning reader!
Big Bundle CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0701: Big Bundle CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Life skills, math, spelling, language, basic concepts and money skills software on one CD!
Success Stories at Work CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0702: Success Stories at Work CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Video-based CD-ROM provides realistic role models for transition students!
Keeping House CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0703: Keeping House CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Multi-user talking program features 63 housekeeping activities!
Looking Good CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0704: Looking Good CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Multi-user talking program features 63 personal care activities!
Shopping Smart CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0705: Shopping Smart CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Learn step-by-step shopping technique and create picture based shopping lists!
Plan Your Day CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0706: Plan Your Day CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Perfect for people who have trouble remembering what to do next!
Select-A- Meal CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0707: Select-A- Meal CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Learn food vocabulary and prepare for restaurant outings.

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Auditory Processing: Soundtracks

Sharpening up auditory processing skills is fun and easy with this game. To make the Lotto action more exciting start the tape at different places every time. If the Lotto action of the game is too abstract to be appropriate, try cutting the picture cards into individual cards and matching them to the sounds heard. You can offer as few or many choices as is appropriate.


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