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It's good for body and mind!


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Wireless Sip and Puff Switch (WISP) Q1108: Wireless Sip and Puff Switch (WISP)
WISP uses the power of your breath!
Replacement Tracker Dots (100) Q9001: Replacement Tracker Dots (100)
Replacement dots for infrared head mouse users
Portable Battery Pack (for Tracker) Q9004: Portable Battery Pack (for Tracker)
Power your Tracker and your portable computer all day, without wheelchair batteries!
Universal Wheelchair Battery Adaptor Q9111: Universal Wheelchair Battery Adaptor
Use the voltage from your powered wheelchair batteries to power portable computers or other peripherals!

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Occupational Therapy: The Fist Brush

The Fist Brush is one of those good inexpensive adaptations that makes play much more rewarding. It is a must-have basic for children with mild to fairly serious fine motor involvement who primarily use a whole hand grasp. Try matching the brush handle colours to the colours of paint being used to practice colour matching. The right tools make creative play available to all kids.


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