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Lets Look F0330: Lets Look
Photocopiable visual discrimination activities.
From Scribbling To Writing F0505: From Scribbling To Writing
All of the exercises in this book are ideas or stories expressed by drawing lines.
Show Me Spelling TM CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0321: Show Me Spelling TM CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Allows students to succeed at spelling, while learning up to 600 words independently!

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High contrast for low vision.

High visual contrast helps children with low vision or cortical blindness find and visually track toys. Use backgrounds to create contrast. Three tablecloths (black, white, yellow) and a bright light will help almost any toy to visually pop out! Spread a black cloth on the floor and shine a light on it. Now send the Musical Turtle on a trek across the cloth. It is so much easier to track now! Pick the appropriate colour background for each new toy, and turn up the contrast!


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