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Susan's Story - The Facts About Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain caused by the head being hit by something or shaken violently. Learn the facts about this all-too-common injury along with helpful tips for parents and teachers.


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My Brother, Matthew N0102: My Brother, Matthew
Focuses on feelings of siblings
Lee, The Rabbit With Epilepsy N0103: Lee, The Rabbit With Epilepsy
Kids learn all about epilepsy
Shelley, The Hyperactive Turtle N0104: Shelley, The Hyperactive Turtle
'Wiggly ' feelings in a turtle?!?
Trouble With School
A Family Story about  Learning Disabilities N0105: Trouble With School A Family Story about Learning Disabilities
One family's discovery of a child's learning disability
Mother Goose In Sign N0106: Mother Goose In Sign
Learn to Sign 'One, Two, Buckle My Shoe' and more!
An Alphabet of Animal Signs N0107: An Alphabet of Animal Signs
An animal Sign for each letter of the alphabet!
Songs in Sign N0108: Songs in Sign
Six, easy-to-follow, illustrated songs in Signed English.
Signs For Me
Basic Sign Language for Children N0109: Signs For Me Basic Sign Language for Children
Unique sign vocabulary book for preschool and elementary school children
Signing At School N0110: Signing At School
Simple signs for communicating in the school setting. Ideal for classroom integration!
Beginning Signing Primer Cards N0111: Beginning Signing Primer Cards
100 Signs for colours, creatures, weather, family members... and more!

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Helping Fidgety Kids Sit Still at Circletime

Many children with sensory integration issues have trouble sitting still, in a circle, or in a class. For these kids, a sensory stratagy can help. ,Try letting the child hold "fidget toys" during circle or class. Try a Skwish, a few Wikki Stix, or Strength Putty. All of these toys feature sophisticated designs which do not look out of place in the hands of a school-age child. Save these toys for circle or quiet class time only. ,For more helpful ideas, see the article "Helping Fidgety Kids Sit Still" in the PlayPen.


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