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The Ballad Of Special Eddie

A classic of "Special" humour. Read it and weep... and laugh.


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Pop-up Pets B0101: Pop-up Pets
A pounding toy with a surprise difference!
Sound Puzzle Box B0401: Sound Puzzle Box
Squeeeaak! Kids love this classic shape sorter.
Programmable Formboard B0404: Programmable Formboard
Improves memory and hand-eye co-ordination
Sensory Touch Board E0101: Sensory Touch Board
A puzzle for the eyes and hands!
Dress Up Moody Bear H0102: Dress Up Moody Bear
Help kids recognize emotions
Interchangeable Music Puzzle-Switch L0421: Interchangeable Music Puzzle-Switch
Unique Switch Ideal for Developing Cognitive Skills
Kaleido-Dome With Shapes M0605: Kaleido-Dome With Shapes
Kaleido-dome with Shapes Encourages Group Participation
Butterfly Light And Music Puzzle M0655: Butterfly Light And Music Puzzle
Enchanting Puzzle Helps Develop Mental Imagery
Butterfly Light And Music Puzzle - Replacement Blocks M0656: Butterfly Light And Music Puzzle - Replacement Blocks
Replacement blocks for M0655.

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Speech Language Therapy: Beginning Assentive Communication Tip

Here is a tip for children with Cerebral Palsy and other conditions that can affect speech. Try placing two pictures of the two toys that are attached to the switch tops. By pairing the real object with the two dimensional picture, you help your child learn that flat pictures are symbols of the real thing. This is fun way to master an important first step towards using assentive communication and computers.


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