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Debunking four common steryotypes about kids with special needs

Often what is known about disabled children comes from television and movies. This information often is false and exaggerated and leads people to believe in stereotypes. Stereotypes can be destructive to the relationships between children and new, inexperienced caregivers.


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Sort and Fit Board B0301: Sort and Fit Board
Giant hardwood pegboard offers a double challenge
Peg-It Therapetic Tool B0302: Peg-It Therapetic Tool
A portable therapeutic modality
Beads & Blocks B0613: Beads & Blocks
Stack, sort, and slide the beads and blocks.
Rainbow Counter B0628: Rainbow Counter
Learn math hands-on with a new update on a classic!
Beads In A Row Activity Box B0803: Beads In A Row Activity Box
Winner 1993 Parent's Choice Gold Medal!
Music Blocks D0212: Music Blocks
Create more than a million melodies by mixing and matching colorful blocks!
Things That Go Together F0201: Things That Go Together
Stamps and letters. Leaves and...
Noah's Ark F0202: Noah's Ark
Happy hippos, cute cats, and more!
Picture Dominoes, Set of 10 dominoes, cards, manual F0204-A: Picture Dominoes, Set of 10 dominoes, cards, manual
A versatile therapy aid for children and adults
Picture Dominoes, Additional two dominoes F0204-B: Picture Dominoes, Additional two dominoes
A versatile therapy aid for children and adults

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Getting Crawling with the Wiggly Giggly!

Use the Wiggly Giggly to encourage a new crawler with special needs to move forward. Try rolling the Wiggly Giggly back and forth about 6-12 inches farther than the grasp of the child. The bright colours and engaging sounds will tempt the child to get mobile and push the ball for themselves! The Wiggly Giggly is one of the few balls that actively engage cause and effect beyond the simple rolling motion. Your child won't want to put this one down, But don't worry. The designers cleverly pitched the groan tubes to be engaging without being annoying!


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