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Peg-It Therapetic Tool B0302: Peg-It Therapetic Tool
A portable therapeutic modality
Programmable Formboard B0404: Programmable Formboard
Improves memory and hand-eye co-ordination
Beads In A Row Activity Box B0803: Beads In A Row Activity Box
Winner 1993 Parent's Choice Gold Medal!
Word Retrieval F0307: Word Retrieval
A picture manual to help stimulate aphasic individuals in automatic speech tasks
Visual Recall Flash Cards F0333: Visual Recall Flash Cards
Practice recalling sequences to aid language and reading.
Visual Memory Game G0101: Visual Memory Game
What's hiding under red?
Double Decker Dominoes G0202: Double Decker Dominoes
Colorful easy-to-handle dominoes provide a tactile way to learn matching and sorting
What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game G0203: What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game
Develop tactile descrimination with this clever guessing game
Jumbo Music Ball G0302: Jumbo Music Ball
Color shape and letter recognition!
Reminiscence Bingo I0107: Reminiscence Bingo
Improve social interaction, orientation, and concentration in adults

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Teaching Facial Expressions to Children With Autism and PDD with Smart Alex

Trying saying one name for each emotion Smart Alex shows, and then use the same word and show the same emotion at appropriate times during your time away from the computer. Setting up a mirror near the computer can be a good way to practice smiling, frowning and other expressions as well.


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