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Debunking four common steryotypes about kids with special needs

Often what is known about disabled children comes from television and movies. This information often is false and exaggerated and leads people to believe in stereotypes. Stereotypes can be destructive to the relationships between children and new, inexperienced caregivers.


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Buttonholes Shape Sorter B0304: Buttonholes Shape Sorter
An ideal challenge for visually impaired children
Jumbo Abacus G0201: Jumbo Abacus
A multisensory approach to learning basic math skills!

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Assentive Computer Technology - Using The Touch Free Switch To Click

To use the Touch Free Switch with users with disabilities, just point the camera at an arm, elbow, face, finger or foot. Zoom in or out to capture small or large movements. Select an area in the onscreen video window, then move in or out of the box to trigger a mouse click. Try using it with switch adapted software.


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