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Let's Learn To Think Like A Computer!

Helping cognitively young children learn to use computers.


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Bed Rope Ladder
T0202: Bed Rope Ladder
The Bed Rope Ladder enables people to pull themselves up to a sitting position
Single Handhold T0211-A: Single Handhold
Helpful support is in hand!
Hard Shell Inner Foam Liner - Red T0815-A: Hard Shell Inner Foam Liner - Red
Hard Shell  Foam Visor - Red T0815-B: Hard Shell Foam Visor - Red
Face Bar - Standard T0815-C: Face Bar - Standard

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When is it good to be a creepy crawly?

To help children with low muscle tone or strength learn to creep, try putting them at the top of a gently slanting smooth board. Put an interesting toy like a Skwish, at the bottom and watch them go! A couple of hints for kids who are slow to get it: Bare feet help. You can place your palms at the soles of their feet to give them something to push off against. If needed, flex their legs reciprically to help them learn the movement pattern.


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