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Schooltime For Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

School can be hard for children with AD/HD. Success in school often means being able to pay attention and control behavior and impulse. These are the areas where children with AD/HD have trouble. Here are tips for teachers for helping kids learn.


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Bed Rope Ladder
T0202: Bed Rope Ladder
The Bed Rope Ladder enables people to pull themselves up to a sitting position
Single Handhold T0211-A: Single Handhold
Helpful support is in hand!
Hard Shell Inner Foam Liner - Red T0815-A: Hard Shell Inner Foam Liner - Red
Hard Shell  Foam Visor - Red T0815-B: Hard Shell Foam Visor - Red
Face Bar - Standard T0815-C: Face Bar - Standard

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Another fun game to play at home with a PhysioBall

To encourage a child to reach across the midline (reach past the center of their body) try seating them on a physiotherapy ball in the kitchen and ask them to pick large magnetic shapes off of the refrigerator with the far-side hand.


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