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Making Outdoor Play Fun And Safe For Children With Visual Impairments

Helpful hints for families, caregivers, and teachers.


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Lightweight Plastic - Sliding Transfer Board T0117-B: Lightweight Plastic - Sliding Transfer Board
Sliding boards are light and smooth.
Leg Lift T0118: Leg Lift
This simple but practical device is useful for persons with limited lower extremity strength.
Car Slide T0119: Car Slide
The Car Slide helps individuals who have difficulty getting positioned on a car seat.

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Bubble Tumblers can help develop self-feeding skills

One way to help kids develop good self-feeding skills is to offer play activities that build the fine motor skills needed when eating. ,A child playing with a No-Spill Bubble Tumbler is using the same motions that are needed handling cutlery. The motions mimic bringing food to the mouth, and by blowing bubbles, the child develops more controlled mouth movement. ,Plus, you get all those pretty bubbles!


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