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Telephone Extension Arm T1201: Telephone Extension Arm
Don't hold the phone
Phone Holder & Hand Clip T1202: Phone Holder & Hand Clip
Spring action keeps the clip snug against the hand.
Turning Knob Operator T1209: Turning Knob Operator
Turns knobs, faucets, valves and keys
Handy Tray T1216: Handy Tray
Ideal for carrying drinks, meals or medications.
Box Topper with Built Up Handle T1217: Box Topper with Built Up Handle
Just insert and lift
Pot and Pan Holder T1218: Pot and Pan Holder
Greater stability
UN-SKRU Jar Opener T1220: UN-SKRU Jar Opener
Requires no adjustment and can be operated with one hand.
Mounted Jar Opener T1221: Mounted Jar Opener
A simple twist is all that is needed to open up tight lids and caps
Vegetable Brush T1224: Vegetable Brush
Suction cup feet keep this convenient vegetable brush in place for one-handed use.
Hot  Hand Protecter & Jar Opener T1231: Hot Hand Protecter & Jar Opener
Helps maintain a secure grip on hot or cold or slippery items.

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Occupational Therapy: Developing Hand Strength with Strength Putties and Therasaurs

It is important for children with fine motor delays to gain as much hand strength and dexterity as possible because it makes all other skills much easier to learn. A set of Tactile Putties or Therasaurs are perfect for children who need to improve their fine motor skills. As each level becomes easy, go to the next level up. Strong and limber hands help all fine motor skills.


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