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Developing a Career Makes Life Satisfying

Temple Grandin, on of the formost voices in the field of autism, shares her thoughts on developing a satisfying work life and making sense of the social world. From the inside. A must read.


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Page Turner - Keyboard Aid - Cuff T0702: Page Turner - Keyboard Aid - Cuff
Turn even thin pages with ease!
Arthwriter Hand -Aid T0726: Arthwriter Hand -Aid
The Arthwriter Hand Aid provides a comfortable grip .
The Grip - All T0800: The Grip - All
Transforms a small handle into a large one instantly.
The Gripper Bag of 14, Assorted Sizes T0802-B: The Gripper Bag of 14, Assorted Sizes
A comfortable, built-up grip for control of pens and pencils.
Adult Universal Cuff T0803-A: Adult Universal Cuff
Ideal for those with little or no hand strength .
Adolescent Universal Cuff T0803-B: Adolescent Universal Cuff
Get a grip!
Pediatric Universal Cuff T0803-C: Pediatric Universal Cuff
Fits pre-schoolers!
Grocery Grip T0805: Grocery Grip
Most people with arthritis or other hand difficulties experience hand discomfort when carrying plastic grocery bags.
DYNA-FORM-IT Putty, Beige T0806-C: DYNA-FORM-IT Putty, Beige
Form your own grip or impression on anything
DYNA-FORM-IT Putty, Orange T0806-D: DYNA-FORM-IT Putty, Orange
Form your own grip or impression on anything

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Occupational Therapy: Self Dressing Skills: Snakey and the Jumbo Music Block

Children with general developmental delays can be slow to learn to dress themselves. Learning how to dress yourself makes a real difference in the personal independence of a child, but it's not all that easy to learn. A good way to learn is to start by learning how to UNDO on a toy in front of you. Then practice doing the fastenings up. When the oversized fastenings on the toy are mastered, try doing fastenings up on someone else, and only then on yourself, which is hardest. Then watch your child enjoy not needing to ask for help!


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