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Parenting a Literal Child

It's not just a matter of symantics - for some kids, everything is literal. In parenting several kids with FAS/FAE, I've found that you have to be very careful with your instructions - because they'll be followed!


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Page Turner - Keyboard Aid - Cuff T0702: Page Turner - Keyboard Aid - Cuff
Turn even thin pages with ease!
Arthwriter Hand -Aid T0726: Arthwriter Hand -Aid
The Arthwriter Hand Aid provides a comfortable grip .
The Grip - All T0800: The Grip - All
Transforms a small handle into a large one instantly.
The Gripper Bag of 14, Assorted Sizes T0802-B: The Gripper Bag of 14, Assorted Sizes
A comfortable, built-up grip for control of pens and pencils.
Adult Universal Cuff T0803-A: Adult Universal Cuff
Ideal for those with little or no hand strength .
Adolescent Universal Cuff T0803-B: Adolescent Universal Cuff
Get a grip!
Pediatric Universal Cuff T0803-C: Pediatric Universal Cuff
Fits pre-schoolers!
Grocery Grip T0805: Grocery Grip
Most people with arthritis or other hand difficulties experience hand discomfort when carrying plastic grocery bags.
DYNA-FORM-IT Putty, Beige T0806-C: DYNA-FORM-IT Putty, Beige
Form your own grip or impression on anything
DYNA-FORM-IT Putty, Orange T0806-D: DYNA-FORM-IT Putty, Orange
Form your own grip or impression on anything

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Concepts: Cause-and-Effect and Up-and-Down

You can't keep a good Skwish down! Encourage your child to press a Skwish flat. You say "Down" with a falling voice. When they let go and the Skwish bounces say "up!"


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