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Understanding Sibling Issues

Raising a child with a disability or chronic illness poses many challenges. Some of these challenges focus on the relationship between the siblings in the family. These crucial relationships are examined in this article.


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Gymnastic Ball - Green 65 cm or 24"

Note: Review only, product no longer for sale.

The highest quality physio balls in the world!

Top-of-the-line vinyl physiotherapy balls are good for more then just therapy! Rated to 400 Kilograms of pressure, (more than 800 pounds!) and puncture resistant. Easy grip texture and safety ribbing for no-slip safety and better control of the ball. We have a size to fit everyone, and prices that fit your budget! Latex-free.


Gymnastic Ball - Green 65 cm or 24"

Play Tip!

All ball use tips apply to all sizes of balls. To improve balance, try sitting your child crosslegged on the ball, hold their hips firmly, and roll the ball from the centre out in all directions. Watch your child's reactions to see that they correct for the tip no matter what direction the ball is rolled in. This size is usually best for children the size of a typical child of 4 - 8 years.

Typical Access Profile


Extremely Low
Not Using Hearing


Extremely Low
Not Using Vision

Gross Motor

Not Using Gross Motor

Fine Motor

Not Using Fine Motor

Developmental Age Range

0 - 2
3 - 5
6 - 8
9 - 12
13 and Over


Some Spoken
Receptive Only
Not Using Language

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Sound Puzzle Box Ideal For Children With Down Syndrome and Other Special Needs

Shape sorters present a special challenge for a cognitively young child or a blind child. Here are some time-tested techniques for teaching shape fitting and matching. Start playing by dumping the pieces out of the Sound Puzzle Box. Place the pieces in upside down so that they 'squeak' on the way out. Beginning with dumping builds the initial recognition of the objects 'belonging' inside the box, initial grasping skills, and cause and effect . Next, cover all holes but the circle. Show the child how to put the circle piece in to the circle hole. When the circle is mastered, use the other shapes. Next offer two holes and shapes, then three. This technique lets children choose from a manageable number of possibilities. This toy does not require sight, and the pieces are a good size for most children.


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