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This Kid Is Driving Me Crazy! -Tips For Parents Of Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Helpful tips for families from the good folks at NICHCY


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Purple Parade with Puzzle Beads B0627: Purple Parade with Puzzle Beads
Sliding, and slightly puzzling fun.
Supermaze Blue B0633: Supermaze Blue
Enjoy the challenge of finding the right blue wire!
The Original Supermaze B0634: The Original Supermaze
An even bigger maze for kids to share!
L'il Genius B0635: L'il Genius
Easy size to wheel or scoot up to!
Ocean Adventure Knee-High Playland Table B0639: Ocean Adventure Knee-High Playland Table
The perfect height for shared play!
Spring-a-ling B0702: Spring-a-ling
Winner of the 1991 Parents' Choice Silver Medal Award!
Purple and Clear Lunacycle B0705: Purple and Clear Lunacycle
Easy to hold shakable toy
Black and White Lunacycle B0706: Black and White Lunacycle
Innovative, high-contrast design!
Lace Up Boot B0805: Lace Up Boot
Learn to lace and tie with this engaging wooden boot
Snakey B0806: Snakey
Is it a plush toy? A puppet? A fastening toy? No, it's all of the above!

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Teaching Facial Expressions to Children With Autism and PDD with Smart Alex

Trying saying one name for each emotion Smart Alex shows, and then use the same word and show the same emotion at appropriate times during your time away from the computer. Setting up a mirror near the computer can be a good way to practice smiling, frowning and other expressions as well.


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