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Helping Fidgety Kids Sit Still?

A sensory approach to the age-old question.


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Junior Maze B0602: Junior Maze
Learn spatial concepts the fun way!
Puzzler B0603: Puzzler
A perfect wheelchair tray size maze.
Funny Face B0607: Funny Face
The friendliest maze around! (and a powerful learning tool too)
Jungle Jeff B0609: Jungle Jeff
An interactive way to explore spatial concepts
Double Bubble B0610: Double Bubble
Peek-a-Boo fun with special 'Nesting Beads'
Ring Around a Row-sy B0612: Ring Around a Row-sy
Try the extra "inside/outside" challenge!
Beads & Blocks B0613: Beads & Blocks
Stack, sort, and slide the beads and blocks.
Tunnel Mountain B0614: Tunnel Mountain
Room to play with a friend.
Blast Off B0625: Blast Off
Children learn to count through play!
Bear Hug B0626: Bear Hug
Learn to count with marching teddy bears.

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Shape Fitting for Children with Special Needs: Pop goes the Animals!

Pop Up Pets works on two sets of skills, puzzle-fitting and hammering on a set target. The "jumping out of the toy" effect is very motivating. A good feature is the animal heads on the pieces. When they face forward kids know that the pieces will fit into the holes. This is a more advanced shape sorter then the Sound Puzzle Box.


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