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Developing a Career Makes Life Satisfying

Temple Grandin, on of the formost voices in the field of autism, shares her thoughts on developing a satisfying work life and making sense of the social world. From the inside. A must read.


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Tape Recorder - Universal M1517: Tape Recorder - Universal
High Quality Tape Recorder is Switch Activated
Tape Recorder with Latch-Timer M1518: Tape Recorder with Latch-Timer
Tape Recorder with Latch/Timer Sounds Off Three Ways
New TV - Black and White 5" Screen M1522: New TV - Black and White 5" Screen
A fun way to learn to use a switch!
TV Disrupter M1523: TV Disrupter
Use Television as a Motivational Tool!
Deluxe Square Folding Fan  - Universal M1603: Deluxe Square Folding Fan - Universal
Perfect for Extra Sensory Stimulation!
Marathon Fan M1605: Marathon Fan
Cool off for the Summer with This Fan-tastic Fan!
Desk Fan - Universal M1608: Desk Fan - Universal
Will blow you away!
Finger Isolation Button M1702: Finger Isolation Button
Pre-keyboarding movement!
Tubular Vibrator - Unadapted M1901: Tubular Vibrator - Unadapted
Enjoy vibrotactile stimulation
Vibrating Pillow - Unadapted M1902: Vibrating Pillow - Unadapted
Ahhh! What a wonderful feeling!

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Occupational Therapy: Peekaboo Farm House Small Knob Puzzle

This sized puzzle is best for children with mild cognitive and/or fine motor skill delays. Small knobs make removing, manipulating, and placing puzzle pieces much easier to manage. These small knobs require an early two finger pincer grasp to use. It's a good idea to work on taking puzzle pieces out before attempting to place them. The "peek-a-boo" pictures make it more fun to remove pieces. Try guessing what will be found behind the different doors.


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