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Penguin M1107: Penguin
Bring him home for a visit from the South Pole!
Roly Poly Calf - Universal M1108: Roly Poly Calf - Universal
Charming calf activates with any switch
G.G. Giraffe M1109: G.G. Giraffe
GG's sure to be enjoyed!
Baby Biff Bear - Switch Accessible M1110: Baby Biff Bear - Switch Accessible
Your favourite switch user will love this baby!
Marching Bear - Universal M1111: Marching Bear - Universal
Marching to the beat of an engaging drummer!
Floppy Bunny - Universal M1113: Floppy Bunny - Universal
Cute bunny activates with any switch
AM-FM Radio - Switch Accessible M1501: AM-FM Radio - Switch Accessible
Quality sound!
Electronic Music Box M1503: Electronic Music Box
Music Box Activates Instantly and Easily
CD Boom Box M1514: CD Boom Box
Switch-Adapted Boom Box with a CD Player, too!
Small Boom Box M1515: Small Boom Box
Small Boom Box Has BIG Sound

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What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game

Kinesthetic awareness is an important part of healthy sensory integration. Challenge your child to use the sense of touch only and identify different objects with the What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game. Try dividing the objects by theme. Good examples are: objects from nature, dishes and cutlery, or grooming aids. To make the game easier, try offering fewer choices and supply a picture of the objects under the cover. Can your child tell the toothbrush from the hairbrush?


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