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Helping Those Hearing Hassles!

Helping children with mild and moderate hearing impairments understand what they hear.


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Special Offer Swithch Toy M1024: Special Offer Swithch Toy
Special Switch and Toy Combo!
Baby Brontosaurus - Universal M1045: Baby Brontosaurus - Universal
Switch adapted plush dinosaur
Dinosaur M1047: Dinosaur
Step back into time with our animated dinosaur!
Crocodile Allie M1050: Crocodile Allie
Ferocious but friendly!
Davey Duck M1052: Davey Duck
Cute yellow baby duck
Donkey Pal M1053: Donkey Pal
His hee-haw gets smiles!
Fireman Ladder Climber - Universal M1055: Fireman Ladder Climber - Universal
Visually tracking a firefighter is fun!
Grizwald Bear M1056: Grizwald Bear
Adapt this cuddly friend yourself!
Mr. Bacon M1059: Mr. Bacon
Hot pink piggy is sure to please your switch user!
Mumbo Hippo M1060: Mumbo Hippo
Walks, growls and wags her tail!

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Occupational Therapy: Developing a Pincer Grasp

Developing a pincer grasp is hard work! Make practice more fun by hooking the Adjustable Pressure Pinch Switch up to a fun switch adapted toy. By starting with the lowest pressure setting and then adjusting it upwards, a strong pincer grasp will be developed - and it will be fun too!


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