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Streeeetching The Attention Span!

Setting up a non-distracting play and learning environment.


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Whoozit Activity Spiral A0132: Whoozit Activity Spiral
Easy to position anywhere!
Gnirp the Wrapster A0206: Gnirp the Wrapster
Wrap these wrapsters anywhere!
"Pluck-Face" Otti A0211: "Pluck-Face" Otti
Making faces has never been so much fun
Chuckling Charlie A0212: Chuckling Charlie
Finding the mouse hard to master? Charlie can help!
Whoozit Pull Musical Toy A0214: Whoozit Pull Musical Toy
Stimulate sight touch and hearing!
Whoozit Wiggle Ball A0215: Whoozit Wiggle Ball
Safe for mouth and hands -with a wiggly treat!
Whoozit Photo Album A0301: Whoozit Photo Album
Make a special easy-to-handle book for your child!
Whoozit See Me Mirror A0302: Whoozit See Me Mirror
A mirror is the ultimate responsive toy!
Pound'n Play B0102: Pound'n Play
Mirror captures attention... balls reappear in duplicate!
Pound a Ball B0103: Pound a Ball
Fun to pound and then visually follow through the maze!

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Speech Language Therapy: Controlling Vocalizations

Children who have had trach tubes or who have trouble controlling vocalization can practice making louder and softer sounds - and be rewarded for it! Just add one of the fun switch adapted toys, and watch your child work hard for the playful payoff. You can adjust the Voice Activated Switch to pick the exact activation sound desired. Specialized software such as the Visual Voice Tools help too!


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