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Developing a Career Makes Life Satisfying

Temple Grandin, on of the formost voices in the field of autism, shares her thoughts on developing a satisfying work life and making sense of the social world. From the inside. A must read.


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Rocking Say It Play It - 1-4" Jacks L0705: Rocking Say It Play It - 1-4" Jacks
Great for developing correlation between language and function
Foot Switch - Universal L0902: Foot Switch - Universal
Go ahead, tread on me!
Headswitch L1101: Headswitch
Headswitch is ideal for wheelchair users.
The Ultimate Switch - Universal L1103: The Ultimate Switch - Universal
Versatle body switch
Ultimate Switch (Black-Blue) L1104: Ultimate Switch (Black-Blue)
Versatle body switch
Tilt Switch Kit  - Universal L1111: Tilt Switch Kit - Universal
Slight tilt activates it!
Photocell Switch - Combination 1-4" L1201: Photocell Switch - Combination 1-4"
Activated by sensing your shadow!
Sensor Switch Kit - Latch and Timer L1202: Sensor Switch Kit - Latch and Timer
Any body movement can activate it!
Twitch Switch - Universal L1204: Twitch Switch - Universal
The tiniest movement is enough!
Double Touch Switch L1402: Double Touch Switch
Double Touch Switch Helps Shape Motor Skills

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Bead Mazes perfect for children with Down Syndrome or Visual Impairments

Learning only happens when a child is interested enough to WANT to participate. Bead mazes teach a huge variety of skills. (cognitive, motor, perceptual, and language) but their true strength is the excellent play value kids find in these open-ended toys. This style is best for children with mild to moderate fine motor delays, and is especially suitable for low vision and blind children.


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