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Helping Fidgety Kids Sit Still?

A sensory approach to the age-old question.


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Petite Pillow Switch  - Universal L0162: Petite Pillow Switch - Universal
Petite Pillow Switches
Pinch Switch L0165: Pinch Switch
Compact switch teaches prehension skills
Plate Switch 5" X 8" L0168: Plate Switch 5" X 8"
A Handful of Fun at The Touch of A Switch
Plate Switch On Stand L0170: Plate Switch On Stand
Our popular Plate Switch Now Available on a Gooseneck!
Vertical Plate Switch L0171: Vertical Plate Switch
When side-swiping is the most consistent motion
Happy Switch L0176: Happy Switch
Perk up your day!
Koosh Switch - Universal L0178: Koosh Switch - Universal
Spongy, Springy Fun with Our Krazy Kool Koosh Switch
Vertical Wobble Switch L0179: Vertical Wobble Switch
Wobble Switch on a Vertical Stand
Wobble Switch with 1-4" Combination Jack L0180: Wobble Switch with 1-4" Combination Jack
Wobble Switch Activated by Swiping Action
Race Car Switch L0182: Race Car Switch
Little boys love the Racecar Switch!

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Object Permanence: Now You See It Now You Don't!

Try showing your child a toy and then hiding it in the Whoozit Galaxy Cube or the What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game. See if they will reach out to try to find it again. This skill is called object permanence and it is an important developmental milestone!


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