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Swimming Pool Safety Tip.

Special swimming concerns for the child with spina bifida!


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Mini Saucer Switch L0151: Mini Saucer Switch
Ultra light-touch!
Saucer Switch L0152: Saucer Switch
Switches Ideal for Those with Limited Motor Abilities
Jolly Jay Switch L0153-A: Jolly Jay Switch
Make a new friend!
Super Sally Switch L0153-B: Super Sally Switch
Add Super Sally to your circle of friends!
Terrific Tim Switch L0153-C: Terrific Tim Switch
Say hi to Terrific Tim!
Pretty Patty Switch L0153-D: Pretty Patty Switch
A switch with a friendly face!
Oval Texture Switch - Large L0155: Oval Texture Switch - Large
Textures invite exploration
Oval Texture Switch - Small L0156: Oval Texture Switch - Small
These Compelling Textures Switches Invite Exploration
Oval Texture Switch - Medium L0157: Oval Texture Switch - Medium
These Compelling Textures Switches Invite Exploration
Petite Pillow Switch - Plaid  Edition L0161: Petite Pillow Switch - Plaid Edition
Our Bestselling Petite Pillow Switches Now Come In Decorative Patterns!

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Nonverbal Children Make Choices and Communicate Them!

Nonverbal children with or without CP can have a hard time learning how to make choices and communicate them. Play is a good way to begin learning this important lesson. Try using the Rocking Say It Play It to help. Hook up two switch-adapted toys to the two jacks, Say the name of each toy into the recorder, and tape pictures of the toys to the sides of the switch. When the child presses on the picture the word will be spoken and the toy will activate. This is real multisensory learning!


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