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Understanding Sibling Issues

Raising a child with a disability or chronic illness poses many challenges. Some of these challenges focus on the relationship between the siblings in the family. These crucial relationships are examined in this article.


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Donkey Pal - Unadapted M1923: Donkey Pal - Unadapted
His hee-haw gets smiles!
Grizwald Bear - Unadapted M1924: Grizwald Bear - Unadapted
Mr. Bacon - Unadapted M1926: Mr. Bacon - Unadapted
Rhythm Generator - Universal M2002: Rhythm Generator - Universal
Flashing lights or fast drumming bothering you? Adjust rhythm rates on switch-adapted toys!
9 Volt Battery Interupter M2010: 9 Volt Battery Interupter
Adapt toys that use 9 volt batteries
Adapter, 1-8" Female To 1-4" Male M2014: Adapter, 1-8" Female To 1-4" Male
Adapter, 1-4" Female To 1-8" Male M2015: Adapter, 1-4" Female To 1-8" Male
Single-Appliance Control Unit M2503: Single-Appliance Control Unit
One switch momentary or two switch latched operation
Toy Cables (AA -C) M9003-A: Toy Cables (AA -C)
Adapt your own toys
Toy Cables (D) M9003-B: Toy Cables (D)
Adapts toys using 'D' batteries.

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Assentive Communication Introduction

Clock Communicators are "Low-Tech" augmentative communication devices, meaning you don't need a computer or software to make them work. They are an excellent way to introduce communication and making choices to new switch-users. When starting to work with your child, try taking pictures of the real choices that you want your child to indicate. It also helps to start with pictures and real objects presented. i.e.. Glass of milk on one side, OR banana on the other. Work up from two choices to as many as twelve. Try: pictures of bed, bath, outside, toys, video, food, drink, family members etc.


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