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Doing Wheelies!

Finding a great therapeutic bike for a child with special needs.


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Yellow Head Fish Switch L0141-C: Yellow Head Fish Switch
Something fishy is going on!
Button Click Switch L0142: Button Click Switch
Perfect for older children and adults
Button Switch L0143: Button Switch
Switch Helps Develop Finger Isolation Skills
CD Switch L0144: CD Switch
Refracts light in a rainbow pattern
Cow Switch L0146-A: Cow Switch
Dog Switch L0146-B: Dog Switch
Irrisistable puppy!
Teddy Bear Switch L0146-F: Teddy Bear Switch
Very helpful teddy bear!
Heavy Duty Grip Switch L0148: Heavy Duty Grip Switch
Ultra-tough switch.
Grip Switch Kit L0149: Grip Switch Kit
Fits any grip!
Hospital Hand Switch L0150: Hospital Hand Switch
Extra durable!

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Teaching Pull-To-Stand In Three Easy Stages

1. Sit the child on a bolster, seat or small physioball in front of a steady surface to pull up on. The child's feet should be firmly planted on the floor. Let the child grasp your hands and rise to standing. 2. Once that step is mastered, try starting the child from a kneeling position. Help them bring one foot forward first and then the other foot as they rise. 3. Then try starting from a sitting position. The feet must swing to the side, then the child moves to an all-fours kneeling position, and then pulls to stand. This activity helps children develop strong shoulder muscles and general stability. It is especially appropriate for children who have general developmental delays or Down syndrome.


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