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Schooltime For Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

School can be hard for children with AD/HD. Success in school often means being able to pay attention and control behavior and impulse. These are the areas where children with AD/HD have trouble. Here are tips for teachers for helping kids learn.


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Lights & Vibration Sensory Tube E0103-A: Lights & Vibration Sensory Tube
Super sensory tube!
Vibrating Sensory Tube E0103-B: Vibrating Sensory Tube
Good vibes!
Hairbrush Massager E0122: Hairbrush Massager
Soothes muscles and the scalp!
Lumbar Massager E0123: Lumbar Massager
Perfect for relieving stress!
Musical Light Box - Universal E0406: Musical Light Box - Universal
Light Box Enhances Visually Impaired Children's View of the World
Multisensory Foot Path - Set of 6 E0411: Multisensory Foot Path - Set of 6
Each step is rewarded with a sensory experience!
Wacky Pins E0416: Wacky Pins
Hit the pin and 6 crazy cartoon sounds play!
Dolphin E0601: Dolphin
Soothing ocean sounds!
Purring Dreeble E0602: Purring Dreeble
Purring Dreeble wants to be your friend!
Jumpy Crab E0603: Jumpy Crab
Sound activated fun loving crab!

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Shape Fitting for Children with Special Needs: Pop goes the Animals!

Pop Up Pets works on two sets of skills, puzzle-fitting and hammering on a set target. The "jumping out of the toy" effect is very motivating. A good feature is the animal heads on the pieces. When they face forward kids know that the pieces will fit into the holes. This is a more advanced shape sorter then the Sound Puzzle Box.


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