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The Ballad Of Special Eddie

A classic of "Special" humour. Read it and weep... and laugh.


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Lights & Vibration Sensory Tube E0103-A: Lights & Vibration Sensory Tube
Super sensory tube!
Vibrating Sensory Tube E0103-B: Vibrating Sensory Tube
Good vibes!
Hairbrush Massager E0122: Hairbrush Massager
Soothes muscles and the scalp!
Lumbar Massager E0123: Lumbar Massager
Perfect for relieving stress!
Musical Light Box - Universal E0406: Musical Light Box - Universal
Light Box Enhances Visually Impaired Children's View of the World
Multisensory Foot Path - Set of 6 E0411: Multisensory Foot Path - Set of 6
Each step is rewarded with a sensory experience!
Wacky Pins E0416: Wacky Pins
Hit the pin and 6 crazy cartoon sounds play!
Dolphin E0601: Dolphin
Soothing ocean sounds!
Purring Dreeble E0602: Purring Dreeble
Purring Dreeble wants to be your friend!
Jumpy Crab E0603: Jumpy Crab
Sound activated fun loving crab!

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Getting Crawling with the Wiggly Giggly!

Use the Wiggly Giggly to encourage a new crawler with special needs to move forward. Try rolling the Wiggly Giggly back and forth about 6-12 inches farther than the grasp of the child. The bright colours and engaging sounds will tempt the child to get mobile and push the ball for themselves! The Wiggly Giggly is one of the few balls that actively engage cause and effect beyond the simple rolling motion. Your child won't want to put this one down, But don't worry. The designers cleverly pitched the groan tubes to be engaging without being annoying!


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