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Let's Learn To Think Like A Computer!

Helping cognitively young children learn to use computers.


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Touch Funfair - PC-Mac-Networkable Q0142: Touch Funfair - PC-Mac-Networkable
Go to the fair anytime, with this enjoyable early program.
Claude and Maude - PC Q0143: Claude and Maude - PC
Learning handwriting has never been more fun.
All About Ourselves - PC-Mac-Networkable Q0147-A: All About Ourselves - PC-Mac-Networkable
Perfect for school or home!
Sound Stories - PC-Mac Q0148: Sound Stories - PC-Mac
Help for the beginning reader!
Switch On Original - PC-Networkable Q0201-A: Switch On Original - PC-Networkable
Is your switch user bored? Try Switching On!
Switch On Travel - Mac-PC-Networkable Q0201-B: Switch On Travel - Mac-PC-Networkable
More great games for the switch user!
Switch On Zoo - PC-Networkable Q0201-C: Switch On Zoo - PC-Networkable
Go to the zoo using just a switch!
Build It - PC-Networkable Q0202-A: Build It - PC-Networkable
An imaginitve challenge for switch, touch screen, and mouse users.
Touch Here - PC-Networkable Q0204: Touch Here - PC-Networkable
Multisensory fun with the computer. A great intro for cognitivly young users.
Flip It and Slider - PC-Networkable Q0212: Flip It and Slider - PC-Networkable
Sharpen spatial relations skills.

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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High contrast for low vision.

High visual contrast helps children with low vision or cortical blindness find and visually track toys. Use backgrounds to create contrast. Three tablecloths (black, white, yellow) and a bright light will help almost any toy to visually pop out! Spread a black cloth on the floor and shine a light on it. Now send the Musical Turtle on a trek across the cloth. It is so much easier to track now! Pick the appropriate colour background for each new toy, and turn up the contrast!


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