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Touch Funfair - PC-Mac-Networkable Q0142: Touch Funfair - PC-Mac-Networkable
Go to the fair anytime, with this enjoyable early program.
Claude and Maude - PC Q0143: Claude and Maude - PC
Learning handwriting has never been more fun.
All About Ourselves - PC-Mac-Networkable Q0147-A: All About Ourselves - PC-Mac-Networkable
Perfect for school or home!
Sound Stories - PC-Mac Q0148: Sound Stories - PC-Mac
Help for the beginning reader!
Switch On Original - PC-Networkable Q0201-A: Switch On Original - PC-Networkable
Is your switch user bored? Try Switching On!
Switch On Travel - Mac-PC-Networkable Q0201-B: Switch On Travel - Mac-PC-Networkable
More great games for the switch user!
Switch On Zoo - PC-Networkable Q0201-C: Switch On Zoo - PC-Networkable
Go to the zoo using just a switch!
Build It - PC-Networkable Q0202-A: Build It - PC-Networkable
An imaginitve challenge for switch, touch screen, and mouse users.
Touch Here - PC-Networkable Q0204: Touch Here - PC-Networkable
Multisensory fun with the computer. A great intro for cognitivly young users.
Flip It and Slider - PC-Networkable Q0212: Flip It and Slider - PC-Networkable
Sharpen spatial relations skills.

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