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Big Lamp Switch T1239: Big Lamp Switch
Easy to see, grip, and turn
Doorknob Extension T1241: Doorknob Extension
converts a door knob into a door lever.
Tube Squeezer T1247: Tube Squeezer
Reduces waste by getting all of the contents out.
Holder For Crocheting and Embroidering T1249: Holder For Crocheting and Embroidering
An extra arm to help crochet or embroider
Clip-On Safety Ashtray T1250: Clip-On Safety Ashtray
This flat-bottom ashtray has holding notches and side extensions that hold the lighted cigarette or cigar .
Electric Iron Safety Guard T1251: Electric Iron Safety Guard
Avoid burning fingers while ironing
Plug Puller T1252: Plug Puller
This convenient plug puller attaches permanently to any plug.
VIKEM Vinyl Pillow Case T1301: VIKEM Vinyl Pillow Case
Protect pillows... and allergy sufferers.
Bed Tray T1302: Bed Tray
Used for eating, reading, writing, grooming and games.
Blanket Lift Bar T1303-A: Blanket Lift Bar
Take a load off your feet

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