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Schooltime For Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

School can be hard for children with AD/HD. Success in school often means being able to pay attention and control behavior and impulse. These are the areas where children with AD/HD have trouble. Here are tips for teachers for helping kids learn.


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Picture Dominoes, Set of 10 dominoes, cards, manual F0204-A: Picture Dominoes, Set of 10 dominoes, cards, manual
A versatile therapy aid for children and adults
Adventures In Leisure I0103: Adventures In Leisure
Promote leisure planning skills with this enjoyable and educational therapeutic game
Discharge Survival   Board Game I0105: Discharge Survival Board Game
Provides an opportunity to actively prepare for re-entry into society
Health and Stress Management  For Successful Aging I0106: Health and Stress Management For Successful Aging
A game that teaches how to cope with stress
Reminiscence Bingo I0107: Reminiscence Bingo
Improve social interaction, orientation, and concentration in adults
Oops, Holey Socks! I0108: Oops, Holey Socks!
Teach good grooming!
Budget Town I0109: Budget Town
Managing money can be fun!
Budget City I0110: Budget City
Learn challenging money skills!
Whatever Next I0111: Whatever Next
A game where everyone can start acting, singing, jumping and laughing together.
Playing Card Holder, 10 inch (25 cm) long I0201-A: Playing Card Holder, 10 inch (25 cm) long
Clear plastic for greater visibility

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Learning how to catch a ball can be as easy as 1 2 3!

Catching a ball can be harder then it looks! Catching balls develops good shoulder stability and torso stability. You can help make the process easier by offering the right balls in the right order. Here is a three step process to try: 1. First start with a sturdy balloon, a punching balloon without the elastic is ideal. It can be easier to start in a sitting position about 2-3 feet away. 2. Next, try with a light high friction ball. The 9 and 15 inch Yadda balls are ideal. ,3. In the final step, stand or sit a little further apart and bounce the Yadda ball to the child. The bounce gives the child a little extra time to catch the ball. Note: For children with latex allergies, balloons contain latex but the Yadda balls are latex free.


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