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Welcome To Holland

The classic article by Emily Perl Kingsley about becoming the parent of a child with a disability. Read it. You'll be glad you did.


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Fist Brushes D0301: Fist Brushes
Getting a good grip
Chubbi Stump Crayons D0302: Chubbi Stump Crayons
No more broken crayons!
Long Strong Crayons D0303: Long Strong Crayons
Sized to fit a bigger grasp
Art Start Gift Pack D0305: Art Start Gift Pack
Our best art buy!
Neon Wikki Stix D0307: Neon Wikki Stix
Twistable, bendable and stickable!
Primary Wikki Stix D0308: Primary Wikki Stix
Self sticking - no glue!
Magnetic Art Game D0309: Magnetic Art Game
Create your own tactile pictures!
Water Symphony E0202: Water Symphony
Sensory stimulation in the bathtub!
Soundtracks F0401: Soundtracks
Sharpening auditory processing skills
Animal Soundtracks F0402: Animal Soundtracks
Do you know these animal sounds?

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Spinning Ball Top - Accessible To Almost All Kinds Of Special Needs

Cause and effect is an important concept. It let's kids understand that they have the power to affect their world. This is an ideal toy with which to learn cause and effect. Accessible even to a baby or to a child with very solid fine motor delay. The strong sight and sound effect means a blind OR deaf child can also enjoy this toy. Encourage children to try pushing with both hands and any other parts of the body that they are developing control over. The top can be glued to a board if necessary to keep it on a tray. (then the board can be strapped on)


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