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Debunking four common steryotypes about kids with special needs

Often what is known about disabled children comes from television and movies. This information often is false and exaggerated and leads people to believe in stereotypes. Stereotypes can be destructive to the relationships between children and new, inexperienced caregivers.


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Adjustable Pressure Pinch Switch L0101: Adjustable Pressure Pinch Switch
Develop pinching skills!
Body Switch L0105: Body Switch
All mounting hardware is built in!
Talking Big Buddy L0111-TLK: Talking Big Buddy
A big bright talking switch!
Ellipse Switch 3 ( Medium ) L0125-B: Ellipse Switch 3 ( Medium )
Versatile switch is great for hand or, with a mount, body activation .
Baseball Switch L0140-A: Baseball Switch
Hits a home run!
Football Switch L0140-B: Football Switch
Soccer Ball Switch L0140-C: Soccer Ball Switch
For your soccer fan!
Basketball Switch L0140-D: Basketball Switch
Cool basketball switch!
Blue Headed Fish Switch L0141-A: Blue Headed Fish Switch
Something fishy is going on!
Red Head Fish Switch L0141-B: Red Head Fish Switch
Something fishy is going on!

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Playing Choo Choo with Double Decker Dominoes!

If your child with special needs is between the cognitive ages of 18 months and four years, try making "Choo-Choo trains" with the Double Decker Dominoes. Place all dominoes face up near to the child. Start the train with one block, call it the "engine." Match another block to the back pattern of the engine block. Together, you can take turns matching the correct shape to the back of the train. When the train is long enough, let the child push the train off of the table into a basket. A great way to develop sensory processing skills!


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