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Do You See What I'm Saying?

Children with hearing loss and the play environment.


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TV Disrupter M1523: TV Disrupter
Use Television as a Motivational Tool!
Deluxe Square Folding Fan  - Universal M1603: Deluxe Square Folding Fan - Universal
Perfect for Extra Sensory Stimulation!
Marathon Fan M1605: Marathon Fan
Cool off for the Summer with This Fan-tastic Fan!
Desk Fan - Universal M1608: Desk Fan - Universal
Will blow you away!
Finger Isolation Button M1702: Finger Isolation Button
Pre-keyboarding movement!
Cup Detector - Universal M1703: Cup Detector - Universal
A great cup-skills teaching reward!
Motivaider M1706: Motivaider
The Perfect Reminder!
Vibrating Enuresis Alarm M1726: Vibrating Enuresis Alarm
No noisy beeps alert the user, vibration is less jarring.
Motion Talker M1731: Motion Talker
Rewards controlled movement!
Tubular Vibrator - Unadapted M1901: Tubular Vibrator - Unadapted
Enjoy vibrotactile stimulation

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Object Permanence: Now You See It Now You Don't!

Try showing your child a toy and then hiding it in the Whoozit Galaxy Cube or the What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game. See if they will reach out to try to find it again. This skill is called object permanence and it is an important developmental milestone!


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