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Teaching Children with Serious Cerebral Palsy About Scanning

Using Clicker 4 to teach children the scan method of accessing a computer.


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Signal Buzzer, 8" X 13" M1417: Signal Buzzer, 8" X 13"
Buzzer Sounds at the Touch of a Button
Wireless Personal Pager - Unadapted M1423: Wireless Personal Pager - Unadapted
People with mobility impairment can call for help - 50 feet away!
Wireless Personal Pager -  Adapted M1424: Wireless Personal Pager - Adapted
Switch users can call for help - 50 feet away!
AM-FM Radio - Switch Accessible M1501: AM-FM Radio - Switch Accessible
Quality sound!
Electronic Music Box M1503: Electronic Music Box
Music Box Activates Instantly and Easily
CD Boom Box M1514: CD Boom Box
Switch-Adapted Boom Box with a CD Player, too!
Small Boom Box M1515: Small Boom Box
Small Boom Box Has BIG Sound
Tape Recorder - Universal M1517: Tape Recorder - Universal
High Quality Tape Recorder is Switch Activated
Tape Recorder with Latch-Timer M1518: Tape Recorder with Latch-Timer
Tape Recorder with Latch/Timer Sounds Off Three Ways
New TV - Black and White 5" Screen M1522: New TV - Black and White 5" Screen
A fun way to learn to use a switch!

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Nonverbal Children Make Choices and Communicate Them!

Nonverbal children with or without CP can have a hard time learning how to make choices and communicate them. Play is a good way to begin learning this important lesson. Try using the Rocking Say It Play It to help. Hook up two switch-adapted toys to the two jacks, Say the name of each toy into the recorder, and tape pictures of the toys to the sides of the switch. When the child presses on the picture the word will be spoken and the toy will activate. This is real multisensory learning!


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