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What Are The Signs Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Learn about how the three main symtoms of AD/HD can manifest in different children.


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Big Water Toy - Universal M0210-B: Big Water Toy - Universal
Water play fun for switch users!
Dome Alone with Switch M0602: Dome Alone with Switch
Now! In an Easy-to-Use Switch Version, Too!
Mini Dome M0603: Mini Dome
Mini Dome Toy is Perfect for Encouraging Motor Movement
Motorized Glitter Roll M0618: Motorized Glitter Roll
This Version Rolls Itself!
Musical Bead Chain with Lights, Vibration and Mirror M0626: Musical Bead Chain with Lights, Vibration and Mirror
Now It Comes With a Peek-A-Boo Mirror!
Chirping Chick M0642: Chirping Chick
Chick chirps happily!
Light Bulb & Switch M0643: Light Bulb & Switch
Good for ADL Training
Stacking Ring Cone Switch M0647: Stacking Ring Cone Switch
Stacking Ring Cone Is a Great Teaching Tool
Stacking Ring - Replacement Rings M0648: Stacking Ring - Replacement Rings
Don't worry if you lose a ring - get more here!
Butterfly Light And Music Puzzle M0655: Butterfly Light And Music Puzzle
Enchanting Puzzle Helps Develop Mental Imagery

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Hemiplegia and the Animal Rock

For children with hemiplegia, try placing the Animal Rock to their weaker side and encourage them to try and activate it with their weaker hand or foot. It's ultra-easy mechanism helps ensure success!


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