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Swimming Pool Safety Tip.

Special swimming concerns for the child with spina bifida!


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Vibrating Pillow - Unadapted M1902: Vibrating Pillow - Unadapted
Ahhh! What a wonderful feeling!
Lady Bug - Unadapted M1910: Lady Bug - Unadapted
Charming lady bug is eye-catching!
Mr. Potato Head Massager - Unadapted M1911: Mr. Potato Head Massager - Unadapted
Everybody loves Mr. Potato Head!
Davey Duck - Unadapted M1922: Davey Duck - Unadapted
Cute yellow baby duck
Donkey Pal - Unadapted M1923: Donkey Pal - Unadapted
His hee-haw gets smiles!
Grizwald Bear - Unadapted M1924: Grizwald Bear - Unadapted
Mr. Bacon - Unadapted M1926: Mr. Bacon - Unadapted
Rhythm Generator - Universal M2002: Rhythm Generator - Universal
Flashing lights or fast drumming bothering you? Adjust rhythm rates on switch-adapted toys!
9 Volt Battery Interupter M2010: 9 Volt Battery Interupter
Adapt toys that use 9 volt batteries
Adapter, 1-8" Female To 1-4" Male M2014: Adapter, 1-8" Female To 1-4" Male

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Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Beginning To Use Switch Adapted Toys With Children With Special Needs

Since some children are easily distracted, it is best to remove distractions and setup toys in a manner that will keep the child interested and focused.  In order to make a switch adapted toy stand out from the rest of the environment during play, place dark colored toys on a light surface, such as a towel.  Place light colored toys on a dark surface.  This will make it easier for children to see the cause and effect of pressing the switch activating the toy. There are many switch adapted to choose from - ranging from a cuddly bunny to a fierce dinosaur!


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