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"You Don't Have Words to Describe What I Experience" - What Does Autism Feel Like?

The sensory experience of individuals with autism based on first hand accounts. From the Geneva Centre.


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Discover:Board  - Grey for the PC Q1210-D: Discover:Board - Grey for the PC
Stylish talking keyboard includes overlay making software!
Replacement Tracker Dots (100) Q9001: Replacement Tracker Dots (100)
Replacement dots for infrared head mouse users
Portable Battery Pack (for Tracker) Q9004: Portable Battery Pack (for Tracker)
Power your Tracker and your portable computer all day, without wheelchair batteries!
Universal Wheelchair Battery Adaptor Q9111: Universal Wheelchair Battery Adaptor
Use the voltage from your powered wheelchair batteries to power portable computers or other peripherals!

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Accessible Art Activities: Art In Living Color!

Children with physical impairments like cerebral palsy can have a lot of trouble finding accessible art activities. Try playing with the switch adapted Gelly Paint'n'Swirl. Name each color as it is added to the picture. The child presses the switch to swirl the colors on the paper. Each colorful creation is unique!


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