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Parenting a Literal Child

It's not just a matter of symantics - for some kids, everything is literal. In parenting several kids with FAS/FAE, I've found that you have to be very careful with your instructions - because they'll be followed!


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Happy Trails Magnetic Sand Table K0202: Happy Trails Magnetic Sand Table
Magical magnet movement!
Spring-a-ling Stool K0203: Spring-a-ling Stool
A perfect match for Bead Maza Tables!
Beaded Stool K0204: Beaded Stool
Ultra-sturdy colourful seating!
Spaghetti Legs Table K0206: Spaghetti Legs Table
Encourage fine motor group play!
Monster Mountain Table K0207: Monster Mountain Table
Low enouh for children in customs seats!
Going Places Sand Maze K0208: Going Places Sand Maze
Magnets, sand, and beads, and wires!
Finger Fun Table K0209: Finger Fun Table
Keeping little fingers busy!
Wilbur Wall Panel K0210-B: Wilbur Wall Panel
Manipulating the beads improves arm and hand control
The Bolster Pony K0230-A: The Bolster Pony
Take a fun pony ride, and improve your positioning at the same time!
The Bolster Pony with mobile base K0230-B: The Bolster Pony with mobile base
A fun positioner just for kids! Heigh Ho Silver!

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Physical Therapy: The Bolster Pony with Mobile Base

Children with Cerebral Palsy often have problems with abduction or scissoring" of the legs. Most positioners are boring and confining. Not the Bolster Pony though! Try setting up an indoor obstacle course with soft pillows to ride the pony through. It adds fun to the physical therapy workout!


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