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Helping Those Hearing Hassles!

Helping children with mild and moderate hearing impairments understand what they hear.


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Speech Therapist F0403: Speech Therapist
Great visual learning tool
Listen and Do, Level 1 F0406-A: Listen and Do, Level 1
Snnnip! I hear scissors!
Listen and Do, Level 2 F0406-B: Listen and Do, Level 2
Improve auditory processing skills!
From Scribbling To Writing F0505: From Scribbling To Writing
All of the exercises in this book are ideas or stories expressed by drawing lines.
Sound Stories - PC-Mac Q0148: Sound Stories - PC-Mac
Help for the beginning reader!
Show Me Spelling TM CD-ROM - Mac-Win Q0321: Show Me Spelling TM CD-ROM - Mac-Win
Allows students to succeed at spelling, while learning up to 600 words independently!

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Bringing Two Hands Together In The Midline

Look for toys that offer many grasping points like the Nobbly Wobbly, the Winkle, or the Skwish. Place the child on his or her back. Offer the toy to the side of the child, moving the toy slowly towards the child's midline. Alternate sides, concentrating on the weaker side if there is one. Gradually the child will begin reaching out with both hands. This is especially helpful for premature babies, children with hypotonia, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy , and general developmental delays.


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