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Speech to Speech Video P0502: Speech to Speech Video
Learn how Speech to Speech (telephone revoiceing) works!
Straight Talk on Autism - Staff Training Video P0503: Straight Talk on Autism - Staff Training Video
Help school staff learn the basics of autism for school inclusion.
Keeping House Curriculum P0601: Keeping House Curriculum
Full step-by-step domestic skills program for independant living!
Looking Good Curriculum P0602: Looking Good Curriculum
Teaches 44 common personal care activities!
Shopping Smart Curriculum P0603: Shopping Smart Curriculum
Shopping can be a challenge for people with developmental disabilities. Shopping Smart helps!
Plan Your Day Curriculum P0604: Plan Your Day Curriculum
Learn to follow a schedule, even without being able to tell time or remember dates!
Select-A-Meal Curriculum P0605: Select-A-Meal Curriculum
Dining out can be an exercise in frustration. Select-A-Meal can help.
A Way to Work Curriculum P0606: A Way to Work Curriculum
Prepare students for future employment opportunities!
Off to Work Curriculum P0607: Off to Work Curriculum
Prepares people with disabilities to succeed in employment.
Home Cooking Curriculum P0608-A: Home Cooking Curriculum
Prepare for independence! Learn to cook simple, inexpensive and healthy meals.

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Occupational Therapy: Developing Hand Strength with Therasaurs

Try keeping one in the freezer for cold therapy. They can also be immersed in warm water for an interesting change. Here is one hand strengthening exercise - Grasp dino in the palm of the hand so that the hand is covering the dino. Squeeze and hold. Relax and repeat 10 times.


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