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What Exactly Are Autism And PDD?

Did you know that autism and PDD occur four times more often in boys than girls? Want to learn more? Check out this short but thorough overview from NICHCY.


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Raising Kids with Special Needs P0711-B: Raising Kids with Special Needs
A narrative about raising and educating a child with a disability.
No Body's Perfect Video P0711-C: No Body's Perfect Video
Excellent video helps involve young viewers in a variety of disability awareness activities.
LifeSkill Video Series P0712: LifeSkill Video Series
Watch Mary make steady strides toward self-sufficiency throughout this eight video series.
Looking Good Video P0713: Looking Good Video
Mary and her friends plan a party and learn personal care skills.
Home Cooking Videos P0714: Home Cooking Videos
Mary moves into her own place and learns Home Cooking.
Keeping House Video P0715: Keeping House Video
Mary moves into her own place and learns how to keep house.
Plan Your Day Video P0716: Plan Your Day Video
In Plan Your Day Mary shows her brother how to stick to a schedule.
Shopping Smart Videos P0717: Shopping Smart Videos
When Mary moves to her own place she has to learn how to shop the smart way.
Select-A-Meal Video P0718: Select-A-Meal Video
Watch Mary teach her boyfriend dining etiquette.
Straight Talk - Alcohol and other drugs Video P0720: Straight Talk - Alcohol and other drugs Video
Ideal for youth with learning or emotional disabilities.

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Occupational Therapy: Peekaboo Farm House Small Knob Puzzle

This sized puzzle is best for children with mild cognitive and/or fine motor skill delays. Small knobs make removing, manipulating, and placing puzzle pieces much easier to manage. These small knobs require an early two finger pincer grasp to use. It's a good idea to work on taking puzzle pieces out before attempting to place them. The "peek-a-boo" pictures make it more fun to remove pieces. Try guessing what will be found behind the different doors.


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