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Disability Awareness for 5 year olds

Practical ideas for parents who want to help their child's classmates and playmates understand more about their child and his/her special needs.


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Skwish Classic A0101: Skwish Classic
Finally, a toy that has no wrong-side-up!
Groovy Skwish A0103: Groovy Skwish
This compact Skwish really is groovy!
Quixel A0105: Quixel
Designed especially for children with low muscle tone or hand strength.
Winkel A0109: Winkel
Perfect for kids who love to chew their toys!
Loop A0112: Loop
The rich feel of wood and the safe softness of glitter filled plastic tubing
Woogle A0113: Woogle
Cleverly angled beads create unusual feel and motion
Rainbow Beads A0115: Rainbow Beads
Easy to place around the hand of a child with an uncertain grip.
Striped Bobo Ball A0118: Striped Bobo Ball
A soft safe spring toy!
Musical Fantasy A0119: Musical Fantasy
Vivid colors, intriguing motion and beautiful music combine to make this toy a favorite!
Magic Chime Ball A0120: Magic Chime Ball
This roly-poly toy is full of fascinating features!

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Language Comprehension with Switch Adapted Boom Boxes

To encourage language comprehension in children with special needs, try recording simple stories on tape and then let the child use his or her switch to independently activate any of the Switch Adapted Boom Boxes or Tape Decks and hear the story told to them in a familiar voice. Vary the stories with lots of music too!


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