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Parenting a Literal Child

It's not just a matter of symantics - for some kids, everything is literal. In parenting several kids with FAS/FAE, I've found that you have to be very careful with your instructions - because they'll be followed!


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Peg-It Therapetic Tool B0302: Peg-It Therapetic Tool
A portable therapeutic modality
Buttonholes Shape Sorter B0304: Buttonholes Shape Sorter
An ideal challenge for visually impaired children
Programmable Formboard B0404: Programmable Formboard
Improves memory and hand-eye co-ordination
Beads In A Row Activity Box B0803: Beads In A Row Activity Box
Winner 1993 Parent's Choice Gold Medal!
Word Retrieval F0307: Word Retrieval
A picture manual to help stimulate aphasic individuals in automatic speech tasks
Visual Recall Flash Cards F0333: Visual Recall Flash Cards
Practice recalling sequences to aid language and reading.
Visual Memory Game G0101: Visual Memory Game
What's hiding under red?
Jumbo Abacus G0201: Jumbo Abacus
A multisensory approach to learning basic math skills!
Double Decker Dominoes G0202: Double Decker Dominoes
Colorful easy-to-handle dominoes provide a tactile way to learn matching and sorting
What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game G0203: What Is It? Tactile Discrimination Game
Develop tactile descrimination with this clever guessing game

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Age Appropriate Switches

Finding fun age appropriate "cool" devices for switch-using children with special needs between 6 - 12 has always been a challenge. Sport switches are perfect, not too babyish and not too therapeutic!


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