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My Other Brother Daryl

An ironic look at special education from TASH Newsletter, December 1987. "A Case For Teaching Functional Skills". A well-written cautionary tale that teachers should read.


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Holder For Crocheting and Embroidering T1249: Holder For Crocheting and Embroidering
An extra arm to help crochet or embroider
Clip-On Safety Ashtray T1250: Clip-On Safety Ashtray
This flat-bottom ashtray has holding notches and side extensions that hold the lighted cigarette or cigar .
Electric Iron Safety Guard T1251: Electric Iron Safety Guard
Avoid burning fingers while ironing
Plug Puller T1252: Plug Puller
This convenient plug puller attaches permanently to any plug.
VIKEM Vinyl Pillow Case T1301: VIKEM Vinyl Pillow Case
Protect pillows... and allergy sufferers.
Bed Tray T1302: Bed Tray
Used for eating, reading, writing, grooming and games.
Blanket Lift Bar T1303-A: Blanket Lift Bar
Take a load off your feet
Shampoo Rinse Tray T1304: Shampoo Rinse Tray
The tray has a comfortable neck rest and high walls to reduce splashing.
Shoulder Mounted Shampoo Rinse Tray T1305: Shoulder Mounted Shampoo Rinse Tray
Wash and rinse hair without mess
Children's Reacher T1401: Children's Reacher
Extends a kid's grasp!

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Teaching Facial Expressions to Children With Autism and PDD with Smart Alex

Trying saying one name for each emotion Smart Alex shows, and then use the same word and show the same emotion at appropriate times during your time away from the computer. Setting up a mirror near the computer can be a good way to practice smiling, frowning and other expressions as well.


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