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Doing Wheelies!

Finding a great therapeutic bike for a child with special needs.


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Telephone Extension Arm T1201: Telephone Extension Arm
Don't hold the phone
Phone Holder & Hand Clip T1202: Phone Holder & Hand Clip
Spring action keeps the clip snug against the hand.
Turning Knob Operator T1209: Turning Knob Operator
Turns knobs, faucets, valves and keys
Handy Tray T1216: Handy Tray
Ideal for carrying drinks, meals or medications.
Box Topper with Built Up Handle T1217: Box Topper with Built Up Handle
Just insert and lift
Pot and Pan Holder T1218: Pot and Pan Holder
Greater stability
UN-SKRU Jar Opener T1220: UN-SKRU Jar Opener
Requires no adjustment and can be operated with one hand.
Mounted Jar Opener T1221: Mounted Jar Opener
A simple twist is all that is needed to open up tight lids and caps
Vegetable Brush T1224: Vegetable Brush
Suction cup feet keep this convenient vegetable brush in place for one-handed use.
Hot  Hand Protecter & Jar Opener T1231: Hot Hand Protecter & Jar Opener
Helps maintain a secure grip on hot or cold or slippery items.

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Concepts: Cause-and-Effect and Up-and-Down

You can't keep a good Skwish down! Encourage your child to press a Skwish flat. You say "Down" with a falling voice. When they let go and the Skwish bounces say "up!"


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