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Teaching Children with Serious Cerebral Palsy About Scanning

Using Clicker 4 to teach children the scan method of accessing a computer.


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Take extra care handling kids with hypotonia!
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Bubble Tumblers can help develop self-feeding skills
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Learning how to catch a ball can be as easy as 1 2 3!
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Protecting children with spina bifida in the pool
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Teaching Pull-To-Stand In Three Easy Stages
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

When is it good to be a creepy crawly?
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff


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Occupational Therapy: Self Dressing Skills: Snakey and the Jumbo Music Block

Children with general developmental delays can be slow to learn to dress themselves. Learning how to dress yourself makes a real difference in the personal independence of a child, but it's not all that easy to learn. A good way to learn is to start by learning how to UNDO on a toy in front of you. Then practice doing the fastenings up. When the oversized fastenings on the toy are mastered, try doing fastenings up on someone else, and only then on yourself, which is hardest. Then watch your child enjoy not needing to ask for help!


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