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Susan's Story - The Facts About Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain caused by the head being hit by something or shaken violently. Learn the facts about this all-too-common injury along with helpful tips for parents and teachers.


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Welcome To Holland
By: Emily Perl Kingsley

The classic article by Emily Perl Kingsley about becoming the parent of a child with a disability. Read it. You'll be glad you did.

An Intro to Hannah - Unknown Diagnosis
By: E. L. Honea, Family Member

My sister has disabilities... and no one seems to know their cause.

Debunking four common steryotypes about kids with special needs
By: National Network for Child Care

Often what is known about disabled children comes from television and movies. This information often is false and exaggerated and leads people to believe in stereotypes. Stereotypes can be destructive to the relationships between children and new, inexperienced caregivers.

Do You See What I'm Saying?
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Children with hearing loss and the play environment.

Helping Those Hearing Hassles!
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Helping children with mild and moderate hearing impairments understand what they hear.

Streeeetching The Attention Span!
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Setting up a non-distracting play and learning environment.

Auditory Processing Tips
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Games to help kids develop good auditory processing skills.

Making Outdoor Play Fun And Safe For Children With Visual Impairments
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Helpful hints for families, caregivers, and teachers.

Independent Mealtime For Kids With Motor Impairments
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Using mealtimes to promote independence, self-care skills, and social interaction.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip.
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Special swimming concerns for the child with spina bifida!

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Physiotherapy: Cooperative PhysioBall Games

Big PhysioBalls can be used in standard ways by adults but they are also great for cooperative ball games with many children in a group environment! Spark up your circle time!


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